Sifu David Bernhardt will guide you in ways to bring balance and tranquility back into your life. He teaches how to breathe correctly and deeply, returning life-giving energy into every cell of the body. Each and every class is designed to take our gifts, the innate powers and abilities that we all possess, and allow them to unfold.

Sifu Bernhardt has a unique, compassionate and dynamic way of transmitting these teachings, which include the basic principles, mechanics, essences and applications of these beautiful arts. With each practice you will become imbued with new-found energy, vitality, and tools that you can apply to everyday living. Enjoy a life of balance, tranquil mental clarity, and good health. (For upcoming workshops, click here)

Tai Chi & Chi Gung

Tai Chi and Chi Gung can be learned and practiced by anybody with any level of physical health. Both are a fascinating and powerful tool, which can bring remarkable improvements to your life and are an exercise of the body, the mind and the spirit.

Regular practice enhances health by activating the mind, by calming the nervous system, and by keeping the joints flexible, the muscles toned and the internal organs invigorated. Tai Chi can be learned and practiced by people of all ages and physical conditions. For more information on these practices click here for chi gung or tai chi.

Clases are currently being held on a private one-on-one basis by appointment. Call for more information: 415-786-7063, or inquire at