"My session with David was nothing like what I expected. I went very deeply within myself…  to areas of my life I haven’t delt with for decades… and resolved many things that had been lingering for just as long. Thank you so much for that. I am looking forward to my next appointment!"

—Pam W., Pleasanton, CA


"I believe that the instructor is the most essential element in learning. Having been a university professor, I have exceptionally high standards for the instructors with whom I choose to study. Sifu Bernhardt meets and exceeds my standards. He is patient and clear. Sifu Bernhardt teaches using many modalities (including verbal, visual, and kinesthetic). He is attuned to each student's needs. He is encouraging and inclusive. I am thankful for the opportunity to study with Sifu Bernhardt, have learned much and am even more motivated in my practice at home." —Paul W., Ph.D.


"You have a very warm and comforting touch. I left your session feeling so energized and relaxed at the same time. My eyes felt brighter like I could see with so much more clarity. Thank you for a wonderful session!" —Sarah M., Berkeley, CA


"The initial purpose of my taking Tai Chi was to improve my flexibility and balance. After about six months my flexibility and balance have greatly improved and to my surprise so has, what was, my very poor posture." In addition to this, a bone density test showed improvement with my osteoporosis. This improvement has mainly been attributed to the Tai Chi classes with Sifu Bernhardt. My doctor recommends continuing the program and I look forward to further improvement with my health." —Nancy W., 67


"The way you transition from one point to another is so smooth and comfortable. Your energy lingers and it feel as though your hand and energy is still there after you have moved on to another area. Thank you for your kindness." —Cat H., Berkeley, CA


"I was dealing with severe menstrual cramps and dark blood for the last six months. Immediately following this one session my pain level was reduced from a 10 to a 5. A few hours later it was down to a 2. The next morning my cramps were gone. I have come back a few times a week or so before my period when I felt a little discomfort. I have not needed to come back since. There is no longer any pain and the blood is now vibrant. I cannot thank you enough." —Mary F., San Francisco, CA


"As I approach 70 years of age I have been volunteering in diffferent areas to keep busy in order to ignore the aches and pains that had been increasing daily. It was suggested to me by some wonderful people that acupressure and Tai Chi might help, and how it might benefit me. So here I am, just 10 months later, looking forward to each and every classor session. It has benefited me in many ways. Sifu David Bernhardt only wants us to move at our own pace without hurting ourselve., I find I have more energy after each session and have not only improved my posture and lessened the pains from arthritis, but my whole attitude has improved and I have found peace and an overall feeling of well being. Sifu Bernhardt brings out each individual's strengths and faith within ourselves to keep moving forward." —Angie L., 69


"Before I started Tai Chi i was already starting to see my body fall apart from life's stresses as well as neglect." That's when I started working with David and I strongly feel that it has helped me. I feel more grounded, more centered and more at ease with myself. I have more energy, strength and calmness. I'm more flexible and feel I am moving through this world more easily rather than rushing around and pushing my way past people. I am very grateful to David and his excellent teaching. He has a real gift. Not only have I learned Tai Chi, but I have learned alot about myself." —Monica H.