What to expect at your session

Before the session we'll discuss your overall health. It may involve feeling your pulses,
looking at your tongue, or just some conversation about your health and what you want to get
from the session.

The various modalities are applied through light clothing. Light clothing is preferred. Heavier clothing such as jeans or sweaters can reduce the effects of your session. (An exception is
Acu Oil massage, where lotion or oil is applied directly to the skin. You will be properly draped with sheets or towels throughout your treatment.) Please do not wear any perfumes, colognes or scented deodorants. Avoid eating or eat light if possible for one hour before the session and avoid alcohol for 8 hours prior to the session.

During the session light, deep or a combination of pressure is used. I will check in with you to make sure you are comfortable at all times. Your preferences for the pressure being used, room temperature, music or conversation will be honored.

Your preference for a specific modality can be used. I can also use various combinations of these modalities creating a unique and individual experience in your session. Each method, or combination of methods, is chosen carefully with your individual needs in mind.

After the session acupressure can release toxins stored in the body. As these toxins release it is not uncommon to experience a headache or dizziness during the first 24 hours after a session. Drinking plenty of water can help to avoid these effects and is highly recommended.

To benefit the most from your session you should not participate in any physically or mentally strenuous activity immediately afterwards. Resting or taking a meditative walk before resuming your regular activities is suggested.

The body and mind can take time to process the effects of the session. Clients regularly note physical and emotional changes for several days following a session.


Sessions usually take about an hour but may somtimes take a little longer or a little less depending on the circumstances.
A single one hour session cost is $80. If you d like receive a 90 minute session, the cost is $110.

For those with time constraints, 30 minute sessions are available for $55.

(For those in need there are a limited number of sliding scale spots available)